the reason you dont spread too far between art, logic, creativity and science
by Joshua Allen Hunt
i used to think that what happened to people if you chose to strengthen too many determinate affinities among the different types was an utter sudden collapse.
not true, what happens is, essentially, you’ve created permanently open doors.
that as you go through life, you will see, and learn, everything that fits what you opened.
which will open more doors. they do not ever close. and you can construct a cataclysm of learning that quickly wipes you up and sweeps you elegantly and helplessly through it.
in time you learn to ride the currents….but..
art, logic and science is a bad combination of utterly open Major focuses…
you can gorge for years and never be finished learning because you simply cant trace down much
the major opener is art, specifically: training yourself to be abstract yet structured. that appeals to science, not so much engineering, but traits…overviews, massively strong conceptual combinations could quickly and suddenly come into focus.
the major path builder is logic, but the algorithmic, heuristic niceties of chess logic may leave one blind to science when combined to art of an abstract sort
though: logic should be taught at an early age, not with humility as was done for thousands of years: this creates slaves. but science and geographic histories. combined with compassion
or science and technical histories combined with art
these are the two main psychologically open builds for teachers that are absolutely stimulating.
each of these two leave the student empathetic to the current technical landscape.
or the current worldview.
the geniuses, the true scholars…know something of humanic(a mix of human + empathetic) processes
the best programmers must be machines
the best psychologists must be subject to their tests
the best artists, must never see themselves
the best engineers, must know the flow of the planet
the reality in life and the currency of the true world
however….is faith in almighty God.
the false planet on which we live is but a temporary place
marooned here, with no habitable form anywhere nearby where our technology can take us
we are stuck here until we cooperate with each other.
we can keep fighting each other
or we can cooperate and mine planetoids made of pure gold
we can war with one another and waste valuable minds
or we can fight to spread outwards among the stars
and bathe in hydrocarbon oils that the gasoline companies dream of.
profit, perhaps, should be our motive to work together
let us not speak of ideologies or divides
there is gold and diamonds in space.
why not?

the trouble with love

women are a mystery.

they aren’t a mystery because of something that isn’t known or felt.

they are not even a mystery for something men cannot see or feel

they are not mysterious because of something we cant understand, work with or adapt to

pms is never really a behavioral mystery, just a change in { anger rate * bitchiness ** exp of pain} = D

they are a mystery because as much as they love us they refuse to understand what is in front of their faces

its not that they can’t

its not that they won’t

its not that they avoid trying to either

its not even that what women go through is uncommon to men, its only the other face of the human coin

they often forget they need us, like we need them

they often forget that what we try to teach we teach in care

the effort involved is atlas shrugging his shoulders

what they refuse to understand: is…..what to do with a guy that genuinely cares